Spirit of Belgrade

This class will teach you about 4 completely different sides of Belgrade's nightlife in 4 hours. The traditional, the fancy, the crazy and the cool.


Starting at the meeting-point you will take a walk through Belgrade's most lively neighbourhood 'Dorcol'. The first lessons take place in a traditional restaurant where you will be introduced to the drinking culture accompanied by some examples of the delicious traditional cuisine. You will learn how to sing, drink and dance like a Serbian. Pay good attention, because you will need this knowlegde later that night!

Secondly you will visit the most fancy place in Belgrade to mingle with the rich & famous in Belgrade's Silicon valley. See how to double park a Porsche while wearing 15 cm heels, holding your pet dog and calling on your gold-plated phone all at the same time.


After finishing your cocktail it's time to go crazy like only people in Serbia can. Learn that a table can also be used to dance on. Use your newly acquired knowledge to request your favourite Serbian song to the gypsy-band and make a move!

Warmed up and ready for the final part of the class you will get your last lessons in a cool bar where nobody will notice this is your first time in Belgrade!


Time:        Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 21.00 - 01.00

Including:  Surprise drinks 

Price:        € 10,- per person


Reservation Only! Please reserve your place on the tour here. The tours will start with a minimum of 3 persons per tour.