Q: How do I join one of the classes?

A: You can join any class by making a reservation here at least 24 hours before 


Q: How many people join on each tour?

A: We only start tours with a minumum of 3 people. After you reserve we will let you know if enough people will join the tour and if the class will start!


Q: I want to get totally wasted for cheap with my friends. Should I take a class with the Belgrade Nightlife Academy?

A: The Academy offers cheap bar-tours, but not your typical pub-crawl. We guarantee a fun time, getting you to the best places and you won't be allowed to drive a car after the tour. But if you are just looking to get pissed and laid, we recommend you to hit the first bar you see and stay there untill you crawl out.


Q: What do I get for my money?

A: We used to include drinks in our tours, but since November 2012 we lowered the tour-price and choose not to include too many drinks. This way, you and your professor are totally free to visit the places that are most fun that night without being stuck to ' deals' with bars. But don't worry, you'll get your free surprise drinks!


Q: I hear people smoke a lot in bars in Belgrade? Is that true?

A; Yes, that's true. During the winter-classes we will visit bars where people smoke.


Q: I'm coming with a group and we would like to have private tour. Is that possible?

A: Yes. everything is possible at the Nightlife Academy. Send us your request and we can offer any tour at any day and time.


Q: I don't drink alcohol. Should I follow your classes?

A: Yes, you should! We are the Nightlife Academy, focusing on the nightlife, not necessarily on alcohol. Instead of beer, wine or rakia you can drink water, juice, tea or coffee.


Q: Can you recommend other tours in Belgrade as cool as yours?

A: Yes, iBikeBelgrade. If you want to see sides of Belgrade that you won't see on any other tour or find yourself, jump on the bike and cruise Belgrade with them!


Q: I tried several studies at several universities, but failed everywhere. Can I enroll at the Nightlife Academy?

A: You sound like the perfect student! Please enroll and we guarantee we help you in any way possible to get your degree!