About us

Belgrade Nightlife Academy has been started out of love for Belgrade and the wish to show this great city to visitors from all over the world. All people that work with the Academy are enthusiastic young people that want to get people to know those sides of Belgrade that are not easily found by using the mainstream guides or guide-books.


Belgrade Nightlife Academy is not an offcial academic instution and does not claim to be so in any way. However, our aim is to teach people more about Belgrade's nightlife, it's history, it's culture. We do not offer a standard pub-crawln but we do believe that partying, drinking, dancing and eating are essential parts in getting to know the spirit of Belgrade.



We are responsible people and do not in any way want to promote the use of alcohol in irresponsible ways. Guests on our tour have to be of a legal age to consume alcohol and we count on their own responsibility to not consume more than they can handle.



If you are interested in publicing an article about Belgrade Nightlife Academy please contact us. We are happy to help you!


We do our best to rightfully use any material used for this website. If you feel that on this website any material  is used that belongs to you and you wish it to be removed, please contact us.